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Golf Distance Laser Rangefinder

  • Speranza Genovesi
  • October 11th, 2018
  • Rangefinders
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    According to studies I’ve done using PGA Tour ShotLink data you’re six times more likely than the pros to three-putt on long lags. That number should scare you.

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    According to three-putt figures in my study you’re coughing up on average about two strokes each round on lag putts alone. I want you to make a lot more putts so here’s my stroke-saving method to get you down in two rolls (or less) from long range in five simple steps.

    No need to carve a divot here—simply “brush” the grass under the ball. And stay loose! The moment you get tense the more likely you are to skull this one or catch it fat. Let yourself relax and it will be easy to fly it high and land it nice and close to the flagstick.

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    Let’s say you have 10 minutes to warm up before teeing off. How do you spend your time? Most players would sprint to the range to hit a few rushed drives. But I’ve found that the best way to quickly sharpen your focus for 18 holes is to head to the putting green for one of my favorite games: Drawback.

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    We’ll often add a Pelz Teacher Pointer (the device you see attached to my flatstick in the photos at left) which makes checking face angle and path a no-brainer. In the top sequence at left I’ve made a traditional arc stroke. You can see on this straight putt how far to the right of the cup the face points as I swing the putter to the inside on my backstroke.

    Gallery of Golf Distance Laser Rangefinder

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